Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas crafting

A little while ago I realised I had some perfect Christmas craft ingredients in my knitting stash. So, at the weekend we got started on a some seasonal making.

We took two empty cones (previously holding yarn) and painted them a greeny colour (to match the yarn we had chosen). Then, when they were dry we wrapped them with some lovely dark green yarn, using PVA glue to secure the ends. 

To make the decorations look a bit more festive we then threaded some small glass beads onto some more yarn, and then wrapped that around the cone too. 

Tada! Two lovely Christmas tree ornaments to put on the mantelpiece... Made with little effort, and using only things from the stash. I did think about using buttons or sequins instead of beads, but I'm really happy with them as they are. We can always refresh them in a year or two...

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