Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas List

As usual there are an infinite number of Things To be Done before Christmas. I'm trying to pace myself with a bit of Christmas homework every day, and I thought I would start the month by making A List.

Here goes:

::Peppermint bark
::hat for little bean (started)
::t-shirt for jelly bean (cut out & ready to stitch)
::socks for the bean
::socks for the jelly bean
::quilt for ma and pa
::finish the Phoebe cardigan
::shoe bags
::drawstring bags

Seems impossible really, but you never know I might find a tear in the space time continuum which would give me some extra days to get it all done.

In other news - school rang today to say we had won a hamper at the Christmas fair on Saturday! The bean said "OMG" when I told him. Indeed.

Can't remember the last time I won anything in a raffle...

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