Sunday, 23 February 2014

Not dead

I am not dead, just busy getting back into the swing of family life after maternity leave. I will return. sometime. 

soon, maybe.

I am still knitting

one of the pairs of Christmas socks.

It is nearly done.


as always there are 

Grand Plans 

for the crafting year ahead.

If anything comes to pass, I'll be sure to write it down. 

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A new year

It wasn't a white or frosty Christmas this year, but we had a good time.

There was plenty of food, and drink, and family and presents. Santa and his helpers brought me a small pile of yarn, including some sock yarn and some of Natalie Fergie's silk. Two skeins. Yum. I'll have to think carefully about what to do with that.

As well as all that there were trips to the panto, the cinema (Frozen and free birds - the latter most definitely a complete turkey), and a bit of time outdoors and plenty of hunkering inside watching the rain lash and/or the wind howl.

I didn't get all of my Christmas crafting finished, but no one seemed to notice. I did make lots of fudge, and some fabric sacks for under the tree, and some shoe bags for my husband man and two raglan tees for the jelly bean. So, it wasn't a complete disaster.

As for 2014, well now. Next week I will be back at work and adjusting to another new pattern of daily to-ing and fro-ing. Time for crafting and blogging may be hard to come by, but I live (always) in hope.

Happy New Year. Let's make it a good one.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Girl socks (FO)

Hurrah. The Christmas crafting planets are now beginning to align themselves and progress has been made.

Last night:12 mince pies and one batch of peppermint bark.

This afternoon: another batch of peppermint bark and finishing the girl socks. It's amazing what you can do when the baby sneaks a crafty nap into the middle of the afternoon.

Pattern: generic top down (44 stitches)
Yarn: Regia Mosaik (4 ply)

Monday, 16 December 2013


I'm in denial. I must be.

I've finished my Christmas shopping (probably) but I haven't really got going on the crafting. I'm still knitting the first pair of socks,  and strangely I haven't started to panic.

Maybe it's the sloe gin? Or the thought of mulled wine that is keeping me feeling so optimistic. Christmas is definitely coming. Our tree is up, most cards written and sent, presents are nestling in their hiding places. But there is still a huge list of things I'd like to make...

Status update:
Cards received: 14
Cards written: 41
Cards posted: 40
Mince pies made: 18
Socks made: 1.75 (toe shaping to go)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

On the twelfth day...

Status update:

Cards written: 21
Cards received: 12 or so
Cards posted: 20
Mince pies made: 18
Socks completed: 1

The shopping raid was a reasonable success. I managed to gather a fair number of suitable gifts by visiting only two shops. There are just one or two things to left to buy, but still a whole host of things to make. Yikes!

Better get on....

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas list update #3

Cards written: 20ish
Cards received: 5
Cards sent: 12
Mince pies made: 18

Socks knitted: 0.5

The sock is crawling along slowly, but I have turned the heel and almost finished the decreases for the foot. Of course stealth knitting always goes a bit more slowly. Well, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I love the yarn - it's so fabulously multi coloured and with enough pink, I think, to please the jelly bean. This one is Regia Mosaik.

I managed a spot of Christmas shopping on Monday and ticked off a few things for the children. I'm planning another raid tomorrow to do the grown ups and that. Will. Be. It. Wish me luck. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Things I have learned this week...

1. You should always read the label. Always.
2. The green tin next to the green tin of pears in the back of the cupboard might not be pears. it might be chickpeas. You should really read the label before you open the tin (see 1).
3. An unexpected tin of chickpeas can be harder to use up than you think. Particularly when your mother-in-law has already offered to bring supper for the following day.
4. Crawling babies always make for the dangerous things (particularly sockets and fireplaces). (I knew this one already, but little bean is reminding us of it all over again)
5. You should always read information about deadlines carefully. Sometimes there is a little bit of small print which is critical. 
6. It is good to get things done well ahead of a deadline. But immensely satisfying to think you might miss it and just manage to do it with a few minutes to spare.
7. Christmas shopping is best done in an organised fashion - weekday mornings are preferable. The objective is to cross things off the list, and not to visit as many shops as possible. If you can do all your shopping in one place, then don't hesitate.
9. Soft play and wifi makes daddy happy and the children happy and whiles away a gloomy Sunday afternoon.
10. Ordinary puddings can be made Christmassy by adding a spoon or two of mincemeat. 
11. Making your own pastry may induce (well-deserved) feelings of smugness (I mean, it's pastry:  flour, butter, water. What's difficult about that?)
12. School nativity plays are always, always brilliant.