Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Coming soon

Normal service (e.g. semi-regular blogging) will probably be restored in the next week or two. There are some insurmountable technical issues which are currently being surmounted, and after that happens I should be able to blog a bit more easily and a bit more frequently.

In the mean time:

1. knitting news - I have been casting on a few things here and there. I think I must be the queen of small things, for everything currently on the needles is 4ply and destined for a small person. 

2. sewing is much thought about but little done. life just gets in the way somehow. 

3. i am enjoying - really enjoying - being able to use my knitting skills to adapt and alter things I have made, so that they continue to be useful. Little bean is growing before our eyes, getting longer and longer and longer. The beanie hat I  made earlier in the year was a bit too small when I put it on his head the other day: now embiggened. The once fitting Charles is now too short in the body, although the sleeves continue to be a perfect length. I have dug the grey yarn out of the stash (just as well I didn't use it for something else) and plan to add an inch or two to the body to extend (my) enjoyment of this little sweater.  

Thursday, 5 September 2013


The rhythm of the new school year and a new weekly patterns of comings and goings is being established again. School - home - toddler group - swimming - gymnastics - mini-rugby - football - dancing. It's quite busy. 

For some reason, my knitting needles have been silent over the last couple of weeks, and there has been no knitting or crochet for a while. The stripey Charles I started earlier in the summer has been washed and blocked and given a neck band and button band. I just need to sew up the arms and side seams to finish it, but has been languishing in my knitting bag for a week or two now. Still unfinished.

We were distracted somewhat by the jelly bean's fourth birthday, which was a Great Occasion, just as it should be. There was cake and bunting and cards and grandparents and an outing - with a few young friends - to see a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I managed to sew a couple of things for the great event, including 5 fabric 'party' bags for the friends who came to celebrate, and a purple wizarding robe (upcycled from a pair of wide-leg velvet trousers) to add to the dressing-up basket. 

She's a right one that girl. She has a t-shirt which says 'Though she be but little, she is fierce'. Fierce and beautiful and bright; and we wouldn't have her any other way.