Tuesday, 3 December 2013


We collected the hamper yesterday. It was pretty heavy, and full of lovely things including:

2 bars of soap
2 bottles of sparkly nail varnish
1 bag of ground coffee
3 bottles of wine
2 miniature pannetone
3 jars of jam
Several boxes of biscuits
Lots of chocolate, including a chocolate Santa
A chocolate log cake, and
A make your own Christmas crackers kit.

I don't think we'll need to buy anything chocolatey for a while! We have been sharing things out and delivered biscuits to our elderly (but not frail) neighbours this afternoon. It is nearly Christmas after all...

Christmas homework update: I'm currently concentrating on little beans hat - it's fairly mindless, and I need to read some things for work, which I can do at the same time. I got past the ribbing and onto the main part of the hat. The finish is in sight, but do I go for a pompom or an I-cord stalk?

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