Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Things I have learned this week...

1. You should always read the label. Always.
2. The green tin next to the green tin of pears in the back of the cupboard might not be pears. it might be chickpeas. You should really read the label before you open the tin (see 1).
3. An unexpected tin of chickpeas can be harder to use up than you think. Particularly when your mother-in-law has already offered to bring supper for the following day.
4. Crawling babies always make for the dangerous things (particularly sockets and fireplaces). (I knew this one already, but little bean is reminding us of it all over again)
5. You should always read information about deadlines carefully. Sometimes there is a little bit of small print which is critical. 
6. It is good to get things done well ahead of a deadline. But immensely satisfying to think you might miss it and just manage to do it with a few minutes to spare.
7. Christmas shopping is best done in an organised fashion - weekday mornings are preferable. The objective is to cross things off the list, and not to visit as many shops as possible. If you can do all your shopping in one place, then don't hesitate.
9. Soft play and wifi makes daddy happy and the children happy and whiles away a gloomy Sunday afternoon.
10. Ordinary puddings can be made Christmassy by adding a spoon or two of mincemeat. 
11. Making your own pastry may induce (well-deserved) feelings of smugness (I mean, it's pastry:  flour, butter, water. What's difficult about that?)
12. School nativity plays are always, always brilliant. 

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