Thursday, 28 November 2013

This I know...

Sometimes you have to buy new clothes. This week was one of those times, when I was down yo just one pair of wintery trousers. Now I have three pairs - and a new cardigan.

It's all very well thinking 'I could knit or sew one of those' but if you don't actually have the time to knit or sew it for yourself then you just have to remember you are wearing big girl pants and Buy It.

Shopping with a baby is good for focussing the mind. If you like it, if it fits and meets your requirements then buy it.  Do not hesitate or wonder if there is something nicer/cheaper somewhere else.  Babies are only small for a fleeting moment, best not miss it.

Do not believe size labels. Ever. Use them as a rough starting point and adjust as required. It's silly to reject something which fits/looks nice just because it has the 'wrong' size on the label.

When you are shopping for clothes it helps to have a good idea of what you want/need and to stick  to that notion without getting distracted. Step away from the lovely skirts (you have lots of those) and Concentrate on Trousers!

Wearing a new cardigan for three days straight is a good sign that you have bought something very useful, even if it was a bit of a whim... It is also a sign of something which does not show baby dribble or sticky handprints. Double bonus.

Stashes are meant to be used. There is little more satisfying than sending my son to school with a home sewn shepherd costume made entirely from the stash.

Muslin squares make good shepherd headdresses if your tea towel collection is unsuitable.

Families can be very surprising. My mother surprised me in a wonderful and generous and thoughtful way this week. It will affect the whole family for some time to come and was completely unexpected. Thank you Ma.

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