Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Picture less

There are numerous posts waiting to be blogged. Some crafty things have been happening, and there was a birthday (8, EIGHT!!) but there is a technical sort of thing which is just making it difficult to get the words and pictures to appear together. At the same time.

I tried harrumphing, but to no avail. So, I'll just have to go naked. pictureless.  my syllables bare and unadorned,

In other news: my brother is in china, building a machine that makes batteries. It amuses me that he is      swimming against the tide like that - exporting to china - when most things come from China!  He says: it is cold, and never eat anything on the special menu.

It's cold here too, although we have been mostly without snow.

I have unvented the quickest cowl ever. It's super easy, and it takes about 2 minutes. I will post the instructions when I get the darn blog to work straight.


  1. Hi! Thanks heaps for your comment on my shorts refashion post. I had hoped that maybe they would last anther year when she stops wearing nappies, so that's great to hear from your experience that it is indeed a likelihood! Happy knitting and making xxx

  2. You're very welcome! Shorts are very accommodating - as are skirts and dresses - as they can work at different lengths. I'm a great fan of clothes refashioning, so I love seeing your upcycling projects :-)