Friday, 16 January 2015

I'm giving it 24 hours

Here's the thing: yesterday my voice started making its way down towards the bass clef. I fad some phone calls to make, and it was mildly alarming when each 'hello' was deeper and huskier than the last! I coughed a bit, and needed a hanky and soon realised I had a cold.

It's unfortunate because my weekends involve lots of work and preparation for Mondays. It's going to be happening for the next 11 weeks too, so I have already said goodbye to my weekend evenings  for the next while. I need to function over the weekend, so that I can function on Mondays. I'm giving this pesky cold 24 hours to vacate my premises. I will be throwing everything at it: gallons of tea and other hot drinks; drugs; soothing baths  and anything else I can think of.

Some restorative and mindless knitting might also be on the agenda...

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