Monday, 29 August 2011

Making Monday: Socks (FO)

Never mind the bed bug, I've been bitten by the sock bug, and this week has mostly been about finishing these stripey foot warmers.

Now and again, I join with a small group of knitting women/mums for an evening of chatting, knitting and eating cake. After a short break for the Scottish summer holidays, we reconvened this week (thanks Beth! *wave*), and I managed to finish these off, as well as catch up on the latest news from the group, which included: 3 chickens and some bees; several children back at school; a dog bite on a tummy (ouch); camping in Scotland; circuses and pigs. Make of that what you will...

Pattern: generic top down
Yarn: unknown self-striping yarn (from Oxfam) plus pale brown yarn from stash
Time taken: 19 July -25 August 2011

As it turns out, we were all knitting socks this week. Except one, who is knitting a hat (or a sock for a head). Anyway, to get back to the FO, as usual I employed my favourite striping trick to make the yarn stre-e-tch to a make a pair of socks. I began with roughly equal amounts of yarn, together weighing 66 g (which I know is enough to knit a pair of socks in my size). I normally try and work things so that the cuffs and heels are the same colour on each sock, but there wasn't enough yarn to do that this time, so one sock has a plain cuff and heel flap and the other has a self-striping cuff and heel-flap - which you can just about see in the photos above. 

Try as I might, once I'd finished this pair, I couldn't stop, and another pair of socks cast themselves on. Java from knitty again, but this time with the twinkle toes sparkly blue yarn I had for my birthday. There's 100g in the ball, so I know I won't run out this time....


  1. Your socks look fab! :) I love knitting socks!

  2. Thanks! I cast on another pair of stripey scrappy socks yesterday, and finished the first one before bedtime! I think that's a record (for me)