Friday, 2 September 2011


I have been taken over by an inner sock knitting demon. I am powerless to resist. My husband thinks I am addicted.

So, with Java on the needles and coming on nicely (now at the heel of sock one), a pair of stripey scrappy socks cast themselves on early on Tuesday so that I could knit them while I read and marked 4 student dissertations (cables and charts are not conducive to knitting while reading, so it was imperative to have something plain to knit). It was a day well spent - and by bedtime I had done my marking and kitchenered the toe of sock 1 (here's the yarn I chose). 

The second sock has taken two days (rather than one) to knit, and I will shortly kitchener the toe. With this in mind, I found myself rummaging in the stash this morning for some more sock yarn, as you do: get up, have breakfast, wake and feed children, get work and nursery bags ready, get everyone dressed, select and weigh sock yarn.

As my sock drawer is quite full these days, I'm trying to get ahead with gift/birthday/christmas knitting. The almost finished green/grey socks knit this week are for my mum (christmas) and as my dad's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, the next ones will be for him.

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