Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Before I share anything else, I must say something about the fabulous holiday we had in the Scillies at the end of May/beginning of June.

We were blessed with 7 days of stunning weather, and enjoyed cloudless camping for a week - which certainly made things a whole lot easier when it came to entertaining and occupying an energetic 2 year old. We still wonder what we would have done if it had been dreich and cold for days on end.... but it wasnt, and we enjoyed ourselves mightily in the sunshine.

The bean learned a lot about the possibilities of sandy beaches, and the enjoyment that comes from squashing whatever it is that your dad has lovingly and carefully constructed (castle, moat, car), as well as the joys of paddling in clear blue-green water. We also had lots of fun looking at and going on boats, looking out for helicopters and eating the occasional ice-cream. It was lovely.

[Oh yes, and the bump didnt get in the way too much, although I did sometimes find getting up off the floor a bit of a struggle...!]

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