Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Next week we're off on our holidays. Nowhere foreign, just plain old England, and the furthest away bit of England from Scotland that you can find.

We are going to the Isles of Scilly. This will involve 2 days of driving, a trip on the infamous Scillonian from Penzance to St Marys, then a short boat hop from St Marys (the main island) on the Firethorn to Bryher, and then along the track to Bryher campsite where we are staying.

This will be the fourth time we have been to Scilly in recent years. Last time we took the bean who was a jolly 8 months or so and not yet walking or talking. Now he's 2 and 4 months, and it's a whole different ball game! But Scilly is a magical place for children - no cars to speak of, lots of beaches, rock pools, tracks, footpaths, places to scramble and explore, and lots and lots and lots and lots of boats.

As we are camping and have to pack all our kit ready to be manhandled from boat to boat to tractor and campsite, knitting isnt high on the list of Things Which Absolutely Must be Packed. However, I'm hoping to squeeze in a wee bit of sock yarn and to finish a sock or two while I'm there. Keep your fingers crossed for fine weather!

We normally take our summer holidays at the end of August and beginning of September, but this year decided that the impending arrival of bean no. 2 sometime in August made that just a teensy bit tricky. So we're going now instead. Who knows whether its a good idea to go camping for 2 weeks when you're 6 months pregnant, but we'll soon find out! Fortunately I carry my babies neatly, and the bump isnt very large just yet (I can still ride my bike without too much difficulty), but I'm not sure how I'll cope sleeping in a sleeping bag with a snoring toddler only inches away and no mountain of pillows to keep me comfy...


  1. Surely you can pack a wee bit of knitting; I mean, it's not as if it'll get broken in the manhandling. Hope you still fit into the sleeping bag at the end of the fortnight :)

  2. Just wanted to invite you to World Wide Knit in Public Day if you're back in Edinburgh in time! It's this Saturday (13th June) meeting at the Scott Monument in Princes St Gardens at noon for a lovely (and hopefully sunny!) afternoon of knitting. Hopefully see you there and hope the holiday was wonderful! Hannah x