Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Snip, snip


We've been on holiday and come back again. And we've been to help a cousin get married, so now Normal Life can be Resumed. As if there was such a thing.

There are projects a go-go here, and in the midst of allotment clearing/tidying, washing, cleaning, working, playing, making jam/cake/jelly/supper, delivering children to summer camp and all that stuff I am trying to polish off a few UFOs and clear the mending pile, and generally, you know Tidy UP.

So, to get back to the previous post, I have decided. I have thunk and thunk and then I worked it out. Best thing to do: trim and square.

I was a bit loathe to size my squares down and lose overall size in the quilt top, but as a newbie quilter I figured I ought to learn how to do it right, rather than learn how to do it badly. So, I am downsizing my squares, but they will be much easier to piece together and the overall result will be better (I hope). 

My parents will be visiting later in August, so again - I have an eye on the clock and wonder if I can turn this thing round this time? 

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