Monday, 13 February 2012

Playing hooky...

I've got some big plans in train - not only to knit down my stash, but also make some things that will. be. Useful.

In relation to stash knitting, socks don't really cut it. At only 50g or so a pair (for me at least, ymmv) that's only a teeny dent in my personal yarn mountain.

So, the plan - in short: blankets.

I've got oodles of DK cotton yarn in that stash. Just right to make blankets for small people. We have quite a few baby blankets around the place, which just about cover a little person - but I thought we might usefully graduate to blankets which are about the size of their beds, and which might last for a good long while - and then we can pass the baby blankets onto some babies.

I've been toying with various ideas about what to knit. Cos, well I'm a knitter - and, you know - knitters, um, knit. But then  - then there was a ripple blanket and Jane Brocket and more ripple blankets, and I thought about that idea. But I can't crochet.

And then I learned. On Saturday I bought a small book at McAree brothers in Edinburgh, and spent an hour or so mastering the very basics. Then I started my own ripple blanket, and I think that maybe, just maybe, I am completely hooked.


  1. crochet does that to you!!

    (and it eats a lot of yarn. Win win.)

  2. Thanks! The blanket's getting noticeably bigger now, although I'm not entirely happy about some of the stitching... pics to come soon (when I can stop hooking and actually take some).