Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In which the crochet gods flex their muscles...

The crochet is addictive. Although I generally prefer a knit fabric to a crochet one, I do see how appealing crochet can be, and it's a bit easier to pick up, put down and rip than knitting is. And, it's much easier for a large project like a blanket. I like that. A. Lot.

So, after a week, this is where I have got to. Pretty, huh? I even managed to crochet with some novelty yarn. But, but, but... my inner crochet gods are displeased.

There are parts that I dont' like and some places where my stitch count has gone a bit awry, so the pattern is a bit wonky. I started off using the chevron pattern from Jane Brocket's 'Gentle Art of Knitting', but couldn't seem to get the valley part of the pattern to look tidy. So, I looked at some other ripple blanket patterns and fudged a different version of the valley which looks better, but isn't so chevron-y. Then I realised - yesterday - that I hadn't quite been doing that the right way (either), and so I'm wrestling with the idea of ripping it all back to the beginning and starting again and getting it right this time.

But on the other hand, I'm wondering whether I should just keep going, using this as my learning piece, and keeping this blanket as a stitched record of my progress and improvement, so that I can marvel in years to come about how badly I started off, and how slowly/quickly I learned... what to do?

Poor old birthday socks. They have been left behind because of my affair with the hook. I should finish them soon - look, what's not to like? Nice yarn, nice stripes and already at the heel flap of sock 2. It's all downhill from here...

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  1. That looks brilliant!! I'm quite new to crocheting too, so I haven't tried anything this big yet.