Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Forty Love

Last week I was forty. It is quite something to be inhabiting a new decade on this earth. I remember my mother being very grumpy about the big 4-0, but I am not - I am happy. My thirties were all about forging my life, establishing my career, finding the right man, getting married and starting a family. My forties will be different - the baby days are behind us, and we are settled in this city (if not this house). There is much to do - much to knit, to sew, to craft, to bake, to write, to garden, to love, to live, to see, touch and taste - and I am looking forward to it all. To living for another 40 splendid years.

The midsummer is such a special time - with the long days (sometimes sunny) and the fat, lushness of the garden - and of course strawberries and Pimms and cream and ice-cream and Wimbledon and tennis and dashed hopes (c'mon Andy!) It's also our wedding anniversary. 6 happy years. Thank you my love. Happy anniversary.

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