Tuesday, 19 July 2011

FO: Grace

At last, Grace is finished and ready to parcel up and send on to the small girl I've been thinking of as I made this. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either, and as usual for Rowan patterns, has turned out to be rather a generous size (I made the 3-4 size). The bean tried it on for me the other day, and it was plenty big enough for him (aged 4 1/2), so it will do for Bella (3 and a bit) for next year and beyond.

Pattern: Grace (Rowan Winter Kids)
Yarn: unravelled and reknitted from a charity shop jumper (commercially made garment)
Mods: None
Time taken: CO in February 2011. Finished July 2011.

It has taken me ages to finish. There was all the shenanigans with the yarn and then getting the button bands all wrong, and reknitting the collar several times over. In the end I did it as written, but stitched it down in order to cure the curling once and for all.  While I like the pattern, I am not wild about the pleat detail, and found the collar rather badly behaved. I should also report here that after all that angst about running out of yarn, I had barely a yard or two of yarn left once I had done all the seaming and finishing. The good thing about that is the total obliteration of that particular yarn from the stash!

As if this wasn't exciting enough, I've been having fun with the latest husband socks (sock 1 now at the toe). However, because husband socks are not the best thing to experiment with, I accidentally cast on another pair of socks (how did that happen?). Watch this space - tutorial/recipe for seriously stripey socks coming soon. 


  1. my goodness, you are such a good person, so much effort to reuse yarn, not sure I could ever be that good, although, I would unpick a handknitted jumper to make into something else. That little jacket is gorgeous :)

  2. Not good at all, just thrifty! And I dont have all that lovely handspun yarn that you do...