Thursday, 6 December 2007

while the cat's away

My husband is out. And I'm alone (not counting a sleeping baby bean) with lots of knitting, my stash and my knitting books. I've been having a lovely time.

on top of all that tonight we had our newly recovered sofa delivered. it's covered in a lovely pale green linen. probably not the best choice with a nearly walking and sticky of finger small boy in the house, but hey: why cant you be stylish and have children? people seem to manage it in the ikea catalogue.


anyway, progress on the knitting front has been made. The second felix sweater went in the post to a small person who was one last week. The purl scarf for my brother's girlfriend is finished (just) and I also finished my husband's scrap hat. The lining worked out well in the end - after a bit of jiggery pokery. In fact it's so snug and warm that i'm tempted to 'borrow' it, if you know what i mean...

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