Monday, 3 December 2007


Oh dear. For months and months I've been a good girl and have been dutifully using up my stash.

But last week I fell off the wagon and gave into yarn temptation. Twice.

The first time was in a charity shop that I pass by each week. I couldnt resist a few balls of some unknown (man-made) yarn in pale blue and pale green. Just right for knitting something small for a (small) boy I know who is nearly one. It was only 50p a ball, which is almost free. And I got some dpns for 50p a set, a Rowan pattern book, and a few other vintage paper patterns for my collection.

The second time was yesterday. I bought some sock yarn. Well if I want to knit some socks, I need some sock yarn.... and I havent got any in my stash. Well I have, but only enough to knit a heel, a toe or some socks for a small boy. I decided to take advantage of the hipknits december sale to order some of their yummy sock yarn. I havent knitted any socks for years - the last time was when I was doing my PhD and I shared a flat with a maniacal sock knitter (surface scientist). The pairs I made at that time were not a great success - one pair shrank and felted in the wash, and I did not pay enough attention to the other pair, so much so that one was several inches longer than the other one and I never managed to correct the mistake...

I've put a request in for a book about sock knitting for christmas. Hope I'm lucky.

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