Monday, 2 May 2016

Mending Monday #4: Kapow

Ahoy there. Apologies for the slight delay. Work happened, or life, or something. 

Anywayz. It's May! Just how did that happen?  One minute it's snowing, and then the sun is shining again and summer is just around the corner. Amazingly, the springiness of the weather, has also returned my sewjo, and over the weekend I blitzed my mending pile like a crazy mending ninja. KAPOW!

Just like that, I stormed through:

  • 2 pairs of boys trousers that needed a button replacing (for those waistband elastic adjustor things, you know)
  • One girls frilly tutu that needed a bit of waistband stitching to be redone
  • Repairs to a toddler grobag (sleeping bag thingy)
  • Two mummy-made girls tops that needed fixing in the under arm area
  • One pair of boys trousers that needed patching and fixing 
  • A school cardigan that needed an under-arm repair (oh - I see a pattern here - something about that girl and her armpits!)
  • 7 dribble bibs that have been waiting for poppers
  • overlocking the internal seams on dress I made in sometime in the late 1990s.  

That dress I mention, I did really make it in the 1990s. Probably 1997 or 1998 when I lwas a student. It's some kind of rather loose weave viscose, which frays badly, and which I bought from the absolutely fabulous Abakhan Fabrics in Liverpool. I still have a couple of other bits of fabric in my stash from that time too! Overlockers hadn't been invented when I made the dress, and although I probably knew about finishing my raw edges, I didn't. I didn't have pinking shears until after 2003... Anyway - despite being rather see through and having a wonky hem, this dress is still in my wardrobe, still fits and is still the sort of thing I like to wear. I can't work out if that means I have timeless style, or just no style at all. Sigh.

After that flying start, who knows what the rest of May will bring? What are you mending today?


  1. Whew - makes me tired just thinking about it.

  2. It didnt last of course! the next evening I planned to cut out a skirt, but I couldnt summon the energy ;-)