Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hand-made hand-me down (FO)

A long time ago, when the bean was small I discovered upcycling and refashioning. About then I made him some cute trousers with some of my old clothes - denim with a red stripe and some sweet tucks around the knees. I think the jelly bean might have worn them briefly and then they were passed onto another family with a baby boy to clothe.

Two weeks ago those mama-made toddler trews boomeranged their way back to us. I had sort of forgotten about them, - except for the odd glimpse in a few photos. Then that friend with the baby boy (now aged 4!) gave me a bag of too small boy things for the little bean, and there they were.

They fit the little bean perfectly -  and still have plenty of life left in them. I am putting them on him every chance I get and I'm super proud these hand-made trousers have lasted long enough to become hand-me downs!

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