Saturday, 27 September 2014

Batch processing #cutting out

Little bean is growing out of things before our eyes. He's got a long back and round tummy (which all 16month olds should have) but it means t-shirts and tops don't fit for long.

Given that I have: 1) a reliable t-shirt pattern in his size and 2) lots of knit fabric in my stash  it seems sensible to whip up a few new t-shirts . This afternoon I managed to cut out fabric for three new tops. I used the fabric from some old t-shirts and outgrown clothes - including a dress belonging to the jelly bean. All in all I used two vests/camis of mine, one dress from the jelly bean,  one t-shirt of mine and part of little worn t-shirt donated by my husband.

I've bundled the cut out pieces together, so they are ready to sew next time I have an hour or two spare.

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