Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Scrap Hat (FO)

The year is getting off to a good start. The first FO has already sprung off the needles, and I managed a productive sewing session on Saturday (although nothing I can show you yet....) 

Here is the first FO of 2013, a scrap hat, which has been stolen by given to my dear husband. 

Pattern: scrap hat (own design)
Yarn: various oddments from the stash
Time taken: about a week

I made a similar hat as a Christmas gift for my brother - although the colour palette was almost entirely blue - and I failed to photograph it. It was his third scrap hat, and this is dear husband's second. I've got one too, and so have both the children, and my dad, and a few other select friends... There is something very satisfying about making these, and they go really quickly once you get going.

I'll set out the recipe sometime, so you can make your own...

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