Friday, 17 August 2012

New beginnings...

Today the bean started school. A momentous moment for every parent. Our first born, at school. It is hard to take in. 

He's there for a gentle morning in a small group to get started. Then another gentle morning with the whole class on Monday, and then 4 more weeks(!) of gentle mornings getting to grips with this new environment and new routine. 

I'm taking some annual leave next week, to be on hand for the bean's first week at school, and in anticipation of an hour or two of me time time for housework and gardening and crafting, I am making a list.

It goes like this:

  1. Finish Dolly (baby cardigan), block, assemble and send to recipient.
  2. before sending Dolly in the post, check that recipient is still small enough to wear 3-6 month size. If not, pass onto smaller baby and start knitting a bigger Dolly for first recipient. Do Not Swear.
  3. make some cloth nappies for jelly bean's dolls
  4. make some more doll blankets/quilts for jelly bean/gift stash
  5. make birthday crown for jelly bean
  6. make birthday cake(s) for jelly bean
  7. dye some (old) clothes
  8. tackle UFO pile: ripple blanket; man socks; sewing pile
  9. make a large pile of gift bags 
  10. do some gardening (back garden: veggie plot)
  11. do some more gardening (front garden: flower plot)
  12. take books back to library
  13. ride my bike
  14. drink coffee
  15. eat cake.
That is all. I'll let you know how I get on....


  1. I think you should move cake higher up the list.

  2. I agree! Don't worry: I made 24 fairy cakes yesterday, and two cakes today .... Should keep us going for a while!