Tuesday, 13 July 2010


When I was a teenager, my grandmother made me a fabulously busy duvet cover with a lifetime's worth of fabric scraps. It got a little frayed in places where the vintage fabric started to come apart, and lived for a long, long time in a box under the bed.

This year my parents celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary, and I'm planning to make them a quilt top. So, I'm deconstructing this quilt cover, and will use some of the fabrics to make the new quilt top. It'll be my first quilting project of any size (nothing like going in at the deep end!).... and - I hope - it will be lovely for my mum and dad to have something old, something new and something blue to help them celebrate their special day. Not sure about the something borrowed part, I'll have to think about that!

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  1. You have been thrifty in your blog entries also. Maybe you will make some progress in that area as Spring approaches. Your favourite topics give you a lot to write about if you can find the time.