Friday, 23 November 2007

hats off

First things first. I must not blog at work. I must only blog at home (I am currently at home. Which is Good). That goes for knitting too.


Today I took knitting to work, to knit over lunch. Well, when you've got to knit a first birthday gift in less than a week, then needs must. Of course, things on the first birthday side of things would have gone a whole lot quicker had I not diverted myself by knitting my husband a hat last weekend. I made one for this brother (christmas gift) and he said he wanted one too. He asked for a red one - but there were two problems with this. The first is that I do not have a stash of red yarn with which to construct such an item (and since I am on a yarn diet, then stash diving is all I'm permitted). The second problem is that red really isnt his colour. But I dont have the heart to tell him. He got a bluey, greeny number instead.

It matches the one I made for his brother, and one I made myself a couple of years ago. When I got into the office this morning, my colleague was admiring it and asking if I knitted it myself. 'Yes' said I. 'Wow, it's so lovely.. can you make me one too?'

Hmmm. Well yes, but I'm afraid there are more pressing things in my knitting diary at the moment, e.g. first birthday of friends child, christmas, first birthday of own child (how did that happen?) and all the babies from our ante-natal group, and the many UFOs .... Still, flattery will get you everywhere and I've got a bit of pash for knitting hats at the moment.

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