Wednesday, 10 January 2007

In the beginning

A new year, a new blog.... I'm writing this as I contemplate two things: first, impending motherhood (i'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first child) and two: the need to rationalise my stash.

The problem is this: as fast as I knit my stash down, it grows again. When DH isnt looking, forlorn bundles of yarn seek me out, they call to me. I can - with considerable effort - walk out of my local yarn shop without buying anything. But, it's when I'm in a charity (thrift) shop that I have the greatest problems trying to resist. There's just something appealing about a few balls of grubby yarn rolling around a box in a dingy corner. I have to adopt them, offer them a new life, a new start and the chance to become useful, wanted, bundles of knitted happiness. Socks, hats, scarves, baby things (many, many baby things), lavender bags, poms poms - I've brought them all to life with my stash of vintage and unloved yarn.

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